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About Anna


Anna's journey into healing started as a simple question: what can I do to bring good into the world?


The first answer, found in a children's book, was to travel to Africa and administer vaccines to war-torn villages. Like most simple answers, it didn't account for reality.


As the years passed, the question changed: what is the best medical path for her?


Many answers were explored, Doctors Without Borders, small town general practitioners, a specialist in a hospital, but all paths lacked the holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit that Anna craved. 


When an acupuncturist came to her college, the question changed again: which school will offer her the best acupuncture education?


The New England School of Acupuncture was the answer.  It's Japanese acupuncture track, rigorous scientific requirements, and high national rankings appealed to Anna's academic interests. In school, Anna was drawn to classical Chinese theory and the transformative, spiritual potential of the medicine.

However, the questions did not end with graduating. Upon returning to Washington State, Anna found a new question: how can we shift medicine from a negative, problem-focused area which is healthy for neither patient nor practitioner to a life centered, positive experience?


Solution Based Acupuncture is an exploration of that question.



If you are interested in booking an appointment with Anna, please look under the 'Contact Us' page.

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