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Congratulations on your First Step!

The hardest, but most important, step of any healing process begins when you decide that you can be better. Whether better means walking without pain, calming your anxiety, or navigating life with a heart full of joy, depends on you and your goals. What's even better is that you are researching acupuncture clinics and have reached this page. You're already showing an excellent prognosis. 


Every acupuncturist has her own philosophy of healing, as acupuncture is more an art than a science. You will see the best results if you find a practitioner who matches your own philosophy, budget, and personality.


At Solution Based Acupuncture, we believe the best cure is to become someone who no longer has that problem. This transformation can be simple, as learning to change your posture to take pressure off your back, to profound, as finding the courage to embrace your heart's destiny. The needles can relieve the pain in the short term, but if you don't treat the root of the issue, the problem will continue to return. 


Therefore, we are looking for patients who are willing and able to take the responsibility for their personal transformation in their own hands. Anna is happy to use her knowledge and training to guide you, but in the end, it is up to you to decide how to go forward.  Everyone has patterns of stagnation that they carry and this stagnation keeps us from responding fluidly to life's constant turning. By removing these deeply seated stagnations, we are better able to live our lives, experience the full range open to us and be pain-free.


The initial treatment in 90 minutes and includes a thorough consultation to understand your entire system, where you would like to go in your health and what is keeping you from reaching that goal.


Follow-up appointments are 60 minutes with the focus on the treatment. 


At the moment, Anna does not accept any insurance. However, she is more than happy to write up a Superbill for you to submit to your insurance company if you have out of network insurance. The price for the initial treatment is $120 and the follow up is $80. If you are currently a full-time student or in the military, please inquire about a discount. 


For your first treatment, please arrive a little early to allow for some brief paperwork. Please wear comfortable loose clothing that can be pushed up above the knees and elbows. Please also refrain from wearing scents.


Street parking can be found in front of the building and in the street behind. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 253-590-7311 or the email through the contact page. 


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