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5 Tips for a Better Acupuncture Treatment

Hello Acupuncture Lovers!

We all know that acupuncture can be an amazing and healing experience, but here are 5 ways to make your next acupuncture treatment truly transcendent!

#1: Turn off your phone.

Nothing ruins a relaxing session like hearing your phone ring or buzz. Not only is it physically disturbing, but hearing your phone can jumpstart your mental whirlwind and keep you from getting the full, beneficial relaxation of the treatment. Better to just turn it off!

#2: Wear Loose and Comfortable Clothing

Though an acupuncturist can usually work around any clothing restrictions (the benefit of having such a flexible medicine!), wearing loose clothing that can be rolled up above the knees and elbows will allow your acupuncturist access to all of the most powerful points. Plus it is more comfortable for you as well!

#3: Eat Before Your Treatment

Though lightheadedness is a rare side effect of acupuncture, it can be exacerbated by not eating before your treatment. A light snack before or eating a meal a few hours ago is perfect. On the other hand- try not to eat a heavy meal right before your treatment. We want your body focused on healing! Not digesting.

#4: Keep track of your symptoms through the week

We've all been there. You sit down, your acupuncturist asks you about your knee pain, and your mind blanks. It's only as you are getting off the table that you remember to tell them that you're now able to climb stairs more easily or that the back of the knee aches at night.

Acupuncturists will ask follow up questions to check on how you're progressing, but, especially, if there is a new issue that arose, it's helpful for you to keep track of your symptoms ahead of time. Some patients prefer to write these down, others find taking a moment before their appointment to collect themselves works. Ask your acupuncturist if there is anything that they would like you to watch in particular!

#5: Give yourself time to rest

Though acupuncture treatments are relaxing and you can sometimes fall asleep, any healing is tiring for the body. Giving yourself the rest of the day or at least a few hours to move slow and collect yourself is going to be excellent for your progress. Plus, having an event scheduled directly after your treatment keeps you from fully relaxing into the treatment.

Other post treatment suggestions include:

- Drinking water or non-caffeinated tea

- Staying warm and well covered (especially after gua sha or cupping)

- Getting a good nights sleep

I hope you enjoyed some of these tips. Let me know if you have any questions!


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